When it comes to protecting your new vehicle, there's no better option than applying paint protection film (aka 'clear bra'). This crystal-clear film provides ultra-durable protection to your vehicles paint against damage from rock chips, scratches, and more while being fully transparent. Self-healing, Hydrophobic, and 10-Year Warranty.

We use exclusively Premium Shield film  with extreme durability and gloss to both enhance and protect your investment - we are the clear choice for paint protection film in Northeast Ohio.

Nothing hurts more than that first rock chip or door ding in the finish of your brand new vehicle.  This damage does not have to happen if you have your vehicle wrapped with our Premium Shield Elite Self Healing Paint Protection Film.  PPF is the only product that can protect your new vehicle from physical damage on the road and in parking lots.  Protect your investment and give us a call today for a free personalized estimate to protect your new vehicle. 

This is our top of the line “Elite” paint protection film. This film utilizes an advanced top coat system designed to not only protect the vehicle against rock chips and road debris, but also against staining created by acids, abrasives and solvents – maintaining the surface of the product for longer with less regular maintenance. Elite is the industry leader when it comes to stain resistance!